Which maker category are you?

1: Non-Commercial Makers
Our favorite kind of Maker! These folks have NO commercial angle. That want to teach/inspire/share their passion and knowledge.

2: Crafters
Crafters are individuals with something to sell, but no interest in teaching/inspiring. They pay a reasonable fee for a small space.

3: Commercial Makers
This is our category for organizations or incorporated entities that want a presence but can show they have a strong inspirational/educational aspect to their presence. In other words, they do have something they want to promote or sell, but they are willing to really “bring the awesome”. They pay a fee.

4: Sponsor
Commercial entities that want to demo their wares in hopes of sales but aren’t primarily teaching or inspiring must attend at the Sponsor level. These folks get good placement, but since they aren’t contributing to the Maker Movement through their presence, they contribute dollars to help make the Faire happen and should be a minority of exhibitors.


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