The Cedar Rapids Science Center is making big changes by expanding and updating our scope to serve even more Eastern Iowans from our new location  in Hiawatha.

We now offer opportunities to anyone who is interested in creating and learning in an environment that is beginner friendly, and serves experts as well from preschoolers to senior citizens.


From STEM to STEAM: We are expanding from a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, better known as STEM to a STEAM based curriculum. What’s the difference? The inclusion of art, which is a key to creativity, and creativity is an essential component to innovation.

From Exhibits to MakerSpace: We have changed how we offer hands-on, interactive experiences by replacing science exhibits with the makerspace. Simply put, a makerspace is a place where our members have access to expertise and sophisticated tools.

It is our goal to have literally hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment – high end machines that most could never afford on their own.  Makerspace members come together to learn, share their knowledge and skills and to create. It’s a simple concept, but the possibilities are truly endless.


We have moved from levers and buttons to tools and torches: Now, instead of students interacting with a science exhibit by pushing a button or pulling a lever, they will interact with tools to learn and create. We provide students the opportunity to expand their creativity, while giving them a real world skill set that will be valuable to our business community and for the rest of their life. The Makerspace is a venue where individuals can develop and update skills that allow them to be competitive in the work force.

The Science Center is a not-for-profit science and technology museum.  Our previous location in downtown Cedar Rapids was damaged by the flood in June 2008. We offer hands-on programming for individuals, families, groups, and scouts, both on-site at and throughout Eastern Iowa.



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