Phone Repair
How to repair broken screens on iPhones. Live demonstration of troubleshooting, pretesting, disassembling, glass, digitizer, and LCD replacement, reassembly and post testing.

The Tapestry
A Time Bank is a community of people who support each other. At its most basic level, Time Banking is simply about spending an hour doing something for someone in your community. That hour goes into the Time Bank as a Time Dollar. That Time Dollar is available to spend having someone do something for you. It’s a simple idea, but has powerful ripple effects in building community connections. The Tapestry also supports several micro-enterprises, individuals that make a variety of crafts for sale.

Bobbin and Other Lace
Bobbin Lace as well as other forms of lace made on pillows. Laces made with needle and thread such as needle lace, Hardanger as well as other laces such as tatting, knitting, crocheting

Want to be a maker but not sure where to begin? Let us get you started! kitted provides everything you need in one kit, taking you from your Pinterest page to a finished project.

Lace Making
Members will display lace and demonstrate lace making techniques – needle, bobbin, crochet, knit, tatting.
25-Lace Club

AM artistic
I am a local artist from Marion, IA. I do fused glass, knit and I also love photography. My inspiration comes from the world around me. I take my photographs of a sunset on a beach or a tree blooming in the spring and transform it into a beautiful pendant. My pendant color combinations reflect constant color staples as well as upcoming color trends in the fashion world as I keep my eye on colors coming up the next season.

24-AM Artistic

METRO Made is a project-based, cross-curricular program that engages high school students in the design, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of a product. This cutting edge program at METRO High School, the Cedar Rapids Community School Districts alternative high school, offers students the opportunity to practice STEAM Entrepreneurship.

QC Co-Lab
The Quad Cities Makerspace!
20-QC Colab

Cedar Valley Habitat ReStore
Our motto says it all “You Shop; We Build”. The first ReStore was opened in 1992, to keep things out of the landfills and at the same time, a new income for Habitat for Humanity to build homes for those who need them. Cedar Valley ReStore, solicits donations of building materials and home improvement materials, as well as gently used appliances and furniture. Cedar Valley ReStore is among a very small percentage of ReStores that now sell new products; flooring, cabinetry, counter tops, and appliances.

19-Restore Cedar Rapids

Greyhound Deli
Good food, simple ingredients, executed well.

18-Greyhound deil

DAVinCI Flight
We will be exhibiting DAVinCI Flight an aerospace design centric game. In DAVinCI flight players use STEM concepts to design their own custom gliders, planes, and other vehicles and then use their creations to compete in and complete missions. The game is loaded up with real engineering design tools and can even export players’ vehicles to a 3-D printer to fabricate and fly in the real world. Our presentation will focus on how DAVinCI Flight can be used to design a glider and teach different STEM concepts like modeling. We will demo some of the educational features of DAVinCI, some of the fun game features, and how it can be used for maker projects and design challenges. We will also talk about our plans for adding to the game in the future.

Davinci Art 1

Ham Radio-Get On The Air!
Please come find out what all the excitement is all about! Experience first hand what Amateur Radio enthusiasts experience, by GETTING ON THE AIR today! Amateur or Ham Radio is a re-born hobby for the digital age.
Whether your interest lies in chatting with a ham in Asiatic Russia, communicating around the world with one of the digital modes, or global tracking of your wilderness adventures on the internet with APRS, there is an area of this hobby for you.

16-ham_image_Cedar Rapids Clubs

Eric’s Gear
Hand-crafted wood and bamboo accessories.

15-Eric Gear

Bionic arm
Combining 3D printing, open-source designs from Open Bionics, myoelectric muscle sensors, an Arduino, and some motors and hardware, the end result is a bionic arm which costs less than 1% of some professional-made arms, while hopefully turning out at least 1% as capable.

Pieces of My Art
Custom Laser cut wooden pendants and light switch covers with mosaic inlay as well as other stained glass mosaics that cover subjects from fanart to visionary.

13-Pieces of my art

Cigar Box Guitars and Amps
Not only do cigar box guitars have a great history, these little guys deliver that authentic primitive blues sound…not to mention they’re a heck of alot of fun to play! I stumbled across this movement in music and have found that with a few basic tools and little financial investment I could invent these cool instruments with found objects and create cool sounds that go way old school. These cigar box guitars use the the cigar box as a resonator and can use fretted or unfretted necks, a slide and three strings to achieve a blues based sound. It’s all fun and there is no wrong way to create a cigar box guitar.

Iowa Inventors Group


MCG BioMarkers – plant marking system
Our plant markers are made with the eco-friendly gardener in mind as they are made with our proprietary blend of biomass and recycled plastics, MCG DuraMaze, resins that make the plastic stronger and very durable.

10-MCG Bio Markers

R & D Fixtures
Sales of the Strip Rip Dado And the Heavy Duty Scraper


JRover 2015
Display of a my 2015 Sparkfun AVC competition rover.


Metal Art
Metal exhibits

03 Metal ArtGater Grotto Metal Art

Wood Carving
Hand Carved Caricature Carvings

Lego League
Exhibit and demonstration by the FLIPPED Science Center Lego League Team, showcasing their robot and Android Application.

Ushers Ferry Historic Village
Ushers Ferry Historic Village is a facility of the Cedar Rapids Parks and Recreation Department that provides a venue for fun, family friendly activities and the opportunity to learn and experience a variety of historical crafts and skills.

06-Blacksmith Ushers Ferry

That One Cupcake Place
Our cupcakes are made with hormone free, organic dairy. Each batch is hand scooped and crafted with love!

07-That one cupcake

Robot Drummer
Enter your musical composition via web or twitter and have it played by an automated drummer playing tuned PVC pipes.


Wood Visions
We make Wood Puzzles for kids and adults. These puzzles are somewhat challenging, but great fun.


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