10-12 AM Tim Klima Intellectual Property For The Maker & Entrepreneur
12 AM Joe Hennager Ladies and Saws
1 PM Dr. Christopher E. Whitmer DAVinCI Flight – Flight-Themed Gaming Project
2PM Francis Lebeda Creating Props for Motion Pictures
3 PM Jonny Lipford Flutes from Around the World

10-12 AM Intellectual Property For The Maker & Entrepreneur
Tim Klima is a Registered Patent Attorney and Senior Vice President at Shuttleworth &Ingersoll. Tim maintained an Intellectual Property law practice in Washington, DC for 20 years and was formerly a partner with an Am Law 100 firm before returning to Iowa and joining S&I in 2009. He concentrates on general IP counseling, US/international patent procurement and opinions, trademarks, copyrights, licensing of technology, protection of trade secrets, and IP related employment issues. He has helped his clients obtain more than 600 patents and has litigated patents, trade secrets and technology licenses. Tim will give an introduction to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and how they affect the maker and entrepreneur. Learn how to protect your intellectual property rights while avoiding issues with the rights of others!
Guest Speaker 01-Tim Klima

12 AM – Joe Hennager – Executive Director of the Restore – Ladies and Saws
Designed to be friendly, fun and safe, this informal and free workshop entitled “Ladies and Saws” is an opportunity for ladies to become familiar with basic tools such as the saw.
Guest Speaker 03 - Joe Hennager Restore

1 PM – Dr. Christopher E. Whitmer – Senior Engineer VSI Aerospace / CTO & “Alpha Nerd”
Parametric Studios Ames, IA – DAVinCI
Dr. Whitmer will discuss DAVinCI Flight (A flight-themed gaming project that seeks to informally expose players to engineering design and STEM concepts).   DAVinCI combines real engineering design and analysis software, 3-D printing support, and gaming into an exciting and fun experience. The first part of the talk will discuss the current landscape of technologies for gaming to learn, hobbyist design, and the functional use of 3-D printers. The second part of the talk will demonstrate DAVinCI Flight, an aerospace-themed design game that rests at the intersection of these technologies. There will a discussion about DAVinCI, the mechanics and uses for the game, walk through a quick design of an RC scale sailplane, and preview the future of DAVinCI. http://www.davinciflight.com/

Davinci Art 1

Dr. Christopher E. Whitmer, is graduate of both Kansas State University and Iowa State University, Dr.
Whitmer has a PhD in mechanical engineering, and has been with VSI Aerospace, Inc. for seven years. During this time he has worked on many hardware and software R&D projects in acoustics, vibrations, structures, aerodynamics, design, and controls for government and industry customers.

2 pm – Francis Lebeda – Find the Lebeda Engineering LLC – Creating Props for Motion Pictures
Engineer by day prop designer by night and located in Cedar Rapids, Francis Lebeda makes props for Hollywood movies in his spare time. “It’s all magic. It’s fun. It takes the monotony of a day’s work out. That’s why I come in at night and I can work for two three hours,” Lebeda said. Some of Lebeda’s work include turning a U.S. nickel into a prop for a Spielberg film based on the Cold War. Lebeda has also designed Gatling guns, ring guns, Soviet metals, and other fascinating gizmos for the film industry and for his own enjoyment. Other films Lebeda has worked on include: Miles from Home, The Final Season, and Gangs of New York. Rumor has it that he is working on a prop for the upcoming Spiderman film.

Frances Lebeda Guest speaker

Read more at http://www.kcrg.com/cedar-rapids-man-making-props-for-major-motion-pictures-20140820#9AjwpbQczYGSpOhd.99

3 PM – Jonny Lipford – Flutes from Around the World
Jonny Lipford is an award-winning instrumentalist who specializes in music produced with the Native American style flute and various world flutes crafted using wood and bamboo. His movements and melodies on the wooden flutes are done with such grace and agility; one can’t help but be engaged in his music. Lipford has released 12 albums, works as an instructor of the Native American style flute, has performed with symphonies, has had his music in soundtracks for movies and broadcasts world-wide.

Jonny Lipford


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